I build full-stack Web Applications.

Fflickr (pron. Fuh-Flik-er): A photo hosting and sharing application based on Yahoo's Flickr built with React-Redux.

I dive deep.

YayQuery.js! is a JavaScript library which emulates some the core functionality of JQuery authored by yours truly.

Sometimes I code games.

Penultimate Fantasy is what happens when Candy Crush (or Puzzle Quest) meets Final Fantasy. It's the first application to be coded in YayQuery.js!

I have a sense of Humor.

I love coding little projects that get big laughs

I am a recent App Academy Graduate. If there is one thing the a/A program consists of it's lots and lots of testing

There's only one other entity I can think of that like testing this much and so I decided to create an API for a/A to interface with Aperture Science and GLaDOS.

Things I know.

I've devoted many a long hour taking the pains to learn many different technologies.

Ruby on Rails

My first language. I've learned a lot since I first began learning Ruby, but it will always hold a special place in my heart. Ruby is just such a pleasure to use and rails helps to make it powerful.


Being a web-developer I deal with JS on the regular. We didn't get along at first, fought like cats and dogs. But now I think we're finally beginning to understand each other.


I enjoyed the way JQuery makes manipulating the DOM so simple I wrote my own!.


I love working in React. I could code components all day long. What a great way to make interactive sites!


You never really understand how useful Redux is until you don't have it.


In Web Development 'Persistance' pays.


We all make mistakes. Thankfully, we have Git.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon has everything. Now they even have my app's images!

Object Oriented and Pair Programming

Not the only ways to fly, but in my opinion some of the best.


The only people who care about your code are your employer, and maybe your nerdy coder friends. For everyone else it has to look awesome.


It's alive! And it's not Canvas!

Adobe Creative Suite

Your site is only as good as what's on it.

Drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you.